20% of UK employees, 9 million adults, have literacy and numeracy challenges.


This figure is as high as 40% in certain sectors; Fast Moving Consumer Goods(FMCG), skilled manual trades, hair, beauty, sport, design and logistics to name a few.


There are physical and psychological reasons and increasingly emotional, social and educational explanations for this trend, which is unique to the UK and not the English speaking world.


What is the bottom line for you as an employer, is who is often left to pick up the pieces? Expense in managing the problem, reduced productivity, poor accuracy, difficulty promoting otherwise capable employees . . . we could go on.


Existing limitations on time, money, knowledge and opportunity have made it impossible to address all these factors. Lengthy programmes that farm rather than solve the problem, and remove employees from the business are now too costly in terms of both financial and human resource.

How is this now impacting upon your business and the communities in which you wish to operate at a profit?

  Terry Leahy:

  2010 conference Institute of Grocery Distribution

“employers like us (Tesco) are often left to pick up the pieces”

  Sainsbury, Justin King, CEO:

  Channel 4 ‘Kids don’t Count’

“Any system that only succeeds 80% of the time in terms of achieving its basic results needs┬áchanging. If we saw that in our business we’d be working out how we’d close that gap. I genuinely don’t believe that any of our youngsters need to be left in a position of not having basic skills.”

 British Retail Consortium's, Tom Ironside.

  Business environment Director,

"Retailers spend huge amounts on training school leavers, who often lack basic skills. Retailing provides a range of opportunities for improving skills and developing careers - vital to those the state has been unable to engage,"


What would it be like if you could

  • invest in a short collaborative learning programme, and we're talking hours, not days and weeks out of the business
  • design a solution which enables your business and these individuals to deliver immediately
  • make it easy to measure this success
  • build confidence, independence, ownership and loyalty in your learners
  • increase efficiencies, productivity and profit by 20%?


"The impact of your methods speaks for itself and your knowledge and professionalism are truly inspiring. Introducing your learning methods has led to the most rapid improvement in attitude and accuracy that I have ever seen."

Anne Heywood, School Head

What's the disadvantage for your business in delivering on this in the coming year? Please do call us now to explore learning

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And if your organisation invests in Corporate Social Responsibility we do design programmes with absolutely unique opportunities for collaboration between your business and formal education and/or your community, local charities and the like.

We also support apprenticeships, welcoming everyone back into successful employment and life-long learning.





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