What skills will I learn on this programme?


  • An advanced knowledge of 'the system' and how/where/when you can choose to fit in
  • How can you  - make money/more money / expand your business / set up a business / fill the downturn in your business / enter a new field - using what you've learnt
  • How to run a programme in a school / business
  • What is the statistical theory / knowledge behind what you have learnt
  • What is the latest data / research to support your sale of your programme
  • Where to and how to integrate and take this forwards
  • business leads and opportunities
  • how to be recognised as the 'person to go to" in your environment
  • become the interface between schools, businesses and communities for the greater good
  • how to easily implement programmes which save money and deliver measurable results
  • how to integrate programmes socially responsible programmes within your community
  • you will leave the programme with your structured plan of how you are going to integrate your learnings back in the outside world to generate immediate, measurable and lasting results on several levels
  • The level of expertise that you will achieve through this programme makes it inevitable that for those with established businesses, or considering a change in career, you will have the choice of developing new business with clients. A special lunchtime briefing is available for those who pre-register their interest for this.



Why 'Master' Practitioner ?

Mastery - Your commitment to develop. Collaborate, integrate and generate real opportunity from you and others using our teaching. This programme enables you to enhance your skills to your highest capability. Your credibility and effectiveness, the hallmarks of outstanding practitioners, will make you the 'go to' person in your field.

Our programme is a major innovation and returns mastering literacy and numeracy to simple skills that all your clients can achieve.

The 'Invest Inside Yourself'  Masters programme integrates these. It is much more than just the ability to use your learnings. It means understanding what's going on for others and when you can do this you, and they, can make deep and lasting interventions at many levels.

An Overview

Breadth of Perspective
The training is delivered by founder of Invest Inside Yourself, Andrew Bendefy; author of Seeing Spells Achieving.

Flexibility and Choice at All Levels
You will be able to work with clients of all ages and abilities, to ‘pace them in their 'reality'.

Since publishing the book Andrew has gone on to do extensive work with those with ADD, ADHD, Autism and Aspergers Syndrome. 60 - 70% of this group also have dyslexia. These 'new' discoveries since publishing the book are included in your training.


Optimum Format

Your training covers the three key areas essential to successful teaching and learning - the content, the process and the practise.

This learning format allows you to gain in-depth experience fast whilst ensuring sufficient time in between to digest and integrate. You will have already taken the Part 1 Practitioner Training.

The depth of this programme goes far beyond the training modules. You will have:

  • Had the opportunity to work and learn directly from Andrew Bendefy, who pioneers in bringing this work to the widest audience, including schools, parents, tutors, trainers, prisons, ex-offender institutions and local communities nationally
  • An update on all the latest thinking in this field from a wide range of respected sources
  • The opportunity to look at your operation and have established the best way to proceed
  • A chance to network with Practitioners in the worldwide community.
  • Access to the internet support and contact group.

 Your accreditation (optional) is a personal record of the time and

 effort you have invested in your own excellence.

 There are private coaching sessions with Andrew Bendefy, an 

 opportunity for you to both review your progress and to help you  

 develop your skills and /or enhance your business.

 Ongoing support is available to all those who attend any Invest Inside  

 Yourself course.


The level of Mastery that you will achieve through this programme makes it inevitable that you will have the choice of developing a business with private and corporate clients. You have the option of Invest Inside Yourself recommending clients to you and you get to purchase books at trade price and we can support you in person where appropriate.

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