Practitioner Programme
 What skills will I learn on this programme?
  • how to harness the ability of the sub-conscious mind to learn information

  • how to take control of the visual processes continually running in the mind and enhance them for learning, education and development.

  • how to improve outcomes by sequencing auditory, kinesthetic and visual thought processes

  • what we mean by ‘permission’

  • the interdependence of behaviour, beliefs and emotions

  • how to use existing behaviours to overcome life-long limiting-beliefs

  • the components of true learning

  • how to identify where, when and why individuals get stuck in processing information

  • how to design and implement simple interventions when this happens

  • how to present information in a way that makes receiving it simple and effective

  • how to empower others to achieve clarity in their thoughts, to plan and to implement instructions

  • for those with literacy and numeracy challenges, 20% UK, how to apply these skills to reading, writing, spelling, maths, comprehension, retaining information and decision making.

  • for those with learning difficulties, including

    • ADD, ADHD,
    • Aspergers and Autism
    • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
    • Dyspraxia
    • Auditory Processing Disorder
    • Downs Syndrome
    • Tourettes

          some complimentary interventions to support their steps in    

          understanding written and spoken language and achieving 

          greater independence and success.

  • how to improve long term retention of information delivering lasting change in learning and development - just think of all those who learned their spellings, times tables etc and a week later have forgotten.

  • Explore the human concept of time and understand how issues from our past can be blocking our path to future development

  • how to deliver information so that it can be received with the least increase in stress levels

  • how to improve the performance of those who suffered trauma at birth, loss, grief, parents getting divorced, substance abuse.

  • Understand the impact upon of any one of these on that person’s ability to recall / retain information

  • how to fully engage all those for whom you have responsibility

  • how to implement peer mentoring programmes

  • how to engage the skills of those who have been challenged for the benefit of the group

This workshop is a very practical training with theory to support all the steps to overcome difficulties. To ensure you get the most from the training, there are a lively variety of learning formats:

  • Step-by-step individual coaching
  • Special ‘How To’ demonstrations
  • Small group exercises
  • Large group presentations
  • Diagnostic sessions
  • Practical skill-building work
  • Tasks and discussion and plenty of opportunity to have your questions answered as you go along.
 Personal and Professional - Why does this attract such a wide


One of the reasons that our program attracts such a wide group of people is the many applications and areas it covers.

Our workshop is designed to enhance the abilities of individuals of any age, and is for parents and children with difficulties, teachers, learning assistants, Senco’s and health professionals.

Our process is well known for its many change techniques - enabling you to set clear and achievable goals and overcome any of the fears and obstacles that may be standing in your way to achieving great literacy. By attending this workshop you will become proficient in helping yourself and others resolve such issues and design a future that is both compelling and achievable. Many participants tell us that some of the most significant benefits are in the personal arena.

  • 1 in 5 in the UK have literacy difficulties. 1 in 10 have dyslexia.
  • For children, increased skills in written and verbal communications, comprehension, maths, memory skills and ultimately confidence.
  • For parents, finally you have a way of helping your children unlock the door.
  • For adults, overcoming life-long challenges, improved written communication, managing, influencing and team work, and increased effectiveness.
  • For teachers, learning assistants, Senco’s, health professionals and trainers, the opportunity to unlock the door that has challenged their pupils / clients learning.


 Ongoing Support. Find out more

In keeping with our commitment to quality and to help individuals overcome literacy challenges and “get on with enjoying their lives”, your trainer and guide will be Andrew Bendefy, founder of Invest Inside Yourself, co-author of 'Seeing Spells Achieving'.

He will be here committing 100% of knowledge and time to you throughout your journey. You are also supported by the many hundreds who have taken this course and are members of this community.

 Unique Course Features. Find out more

Andrew Bendefy studied Group Mastery for a year and his clients and students include those from across education, business and the community.

The word 'education' comes from a root that means to 'draw out', the idea of developing the mind.

You will learn ‘invisible’ delivery skills to increase your effectiveness.

1. An integrated vision – Andrew delivers the whole training, providing vital continuity and assurance of quality. No stand-ins. No substitutes.
2. Project-based learning - Ensures you integrate your learnings into your life, both personally and professionally.
3. Optimum format - We deliberately structure this workshop to give you practical knowledge but allow sufficient time in the programme to digest and integrate.
4. Outstanding support – We give you a full and comprehensive training and Master Practitioners can buy his best selling book ‘Seeing Spells Achieving’ at trade prices to support your business and your clients, students or children.

Boy writing on blackboard
Testimonials from this workshop

"I'm so glad I brought Dominic (12yr old son) with me; he now believes in himself." -   Tony R


"dismantles a lot of the mysteries of learning and equips the the recipient with skills for life." - Trevor Dawkins  


"An excellent strategy that really works and your approach makes it so simple."  - Noelle H  


"Excellent - leaves a feeling that anything is possible."        - Patricia D   

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