Private Learniing for 'Parents with Children' and 'Adults'

Do you know someone who has difficulty. . .


  • reading?
  • remembering spellings?
  • doing mental arithmetic?
  • getting all their thoughts down on paper?
  • with promotion at work?
  • changing, swapping or completely missing out short words when they read; words like - in on the but and so what where when why who how. They tell you the story rather than read it?
  • completing a task involving several steps?
  • remembering what they went upstairs for?
  • with English but is fine a second language?
  • running their own business, having to rely on someone else for all the confidential paperwork and figures.
  • concentrating or focusing their attention . . .

                                . . . until they're watching TV or a computer game?

What would it be like to this person finally overcome their challenges and now be able to leap forward with their

formal education or career development?

    Well now you can!

We see the majority of clients for just 2 consultancy appointments -

for any age client.

When working with children we have one parent present so you can see what works and be fully prepared for the future.

One to One Consultancy with Invest Inside Yourself - click here

Clients involved in one to one often mention that in an incredibly short period of time they have been able to:

• Overcome lifelong literacy and numeracy difficulties
• Immediately be able to remember and recognise  

   words and pictures and to spell accurately
• Read more fluently and comprehend the text
• Let go of years of programming of failure and inability
• Succeed in tests, exams and qualifications
• Build confidence in all their written communications
• Calm their minds and focus, create the time and 

   space to successfully complete the job in hand
• Become aware of patterns of thinking and behaviour

   that have been holding back or hindering progress
• Take positive action towards desired goals in a

   systematic and continuous fashion
• Be supported and challenged by Andrew
• Keep the commitments they made to themselves
• Achieve a greater sense of well being
• Make important educational and career decisions

Please call us in confidence to explore your choices and your future path

01727 83 85 83 or 07940 79 12 37

Testimonials from parents

" Andrew, it was a delight to meet with you and see you at work this morning. I was hugely impressed. Here at last was someone who actually knew how to help those of us who didn't fit with the requirements of mainstream teaching all those years ago." DH


There once was an ugly duckling

"There once was an ugly duckling . . " 


" Andrew, your advice has been thought provoking. At first I only wished you could sit on my shoulder in times of trouble! Amelia has since been trying really hard with her reading, writing and spelling and I am very proud of her. It now feels like fun and she owns it. Thank you" AP

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