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Would you like to run an event in your store? A workshop with a book signing?

Perhaps for teachers, or parents, or local charities, or your account card holders or . . . . . all of them together. The choice is yours!

These are great networking events and build measurable loyal custom, adding true value to the lives of those yet to discover the joy of a good read!

Give us a call to see what's in store! 

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Testimonials from Courses

Simply Amazing!
This little book explains in a very simple, easy way, how to learn to spell by visualising words. The exercises are well thought out, and lead naturally from one to another. It is fun to work through and a fantastic resource. I have helped several children to go from dreading spelling, and believing that they can't spell, to loving it and spelling words backwards in no time at all! It is incredible. Mrs J M Kearney

This book is absolutely brilliant.
It offers loads of help and is truly informative. Buy the book and you will be amazed. Mrs. C Abbott

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