It's Easy


Think of a family member

Imagine they colour their hair pink

You see the difference

Seeing the difference is thanks to your visual memory

The first stage of reading, writing spelling uses your visual memory

You could not spell 'free' & 'phone' correctly without a mental image

The same goes for            there   their   they're            right   write


You can learn to put words in here

All words are pictures

This is immediate

Clients of all ages CAN believe in themselves in a matter of minutes


This works, with groups and individuals

We work with groups and individuals

We train teachers and professionals

We run programmes in schools

It saves time in schools

Allows budgets to spread further and wider.

It increases motivation and productivity and raises standards


It works for maths, reading, comprehension and much more             


Now I know I can

A new self belief

Confidence, attention and behaviour can all change

And the choice to engage with the world in a new way

For all those with literacy and numeracy challenges

Diagnosed with Dyslexia


Autism and Aspergers


Auditory Processing Disorder

And many more


For those on a personal journey at last that you can do it

You can help your friends and family

For professionals, 12 million people in the UK have difficulties

And this works in any language, anytime anyplace anywhere

Paint Palette


©2008 Seeing Spells Achieving